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On April 28, 2015 the United States Supreme Court heard arguments to determine two questions:

  1. If all states, regardless of their own law or constitution, are required to recognize same sex marriages performed in other states where it is already legal, and
  2.  Should all states be required to recognize and facilitate same-sex marriages in their state.

The Republican Conservative Steering Committee presented an Amicus Brief in support of Traditional Marriage.

If you support traditional marriage, please add your name to the following petition in support of Traditional Marriage.

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GOP groups across the country are introducing this Resolution to Protect Marriage! Click to view and print for your GOP!

A Message From the Chairman:

The “Fight for Marriage” is NOT over!

As you know, in June, The Supreme Court redefined marriage for us! Rather than keep with millennia of marriage history, and protect the needs of children; the court ruled according to the emotional and sexual desires of some adults.

This was a huge blow to traditional marriage- the only real marriage.

The Amicus Brief that Constitutional lawyer, Jim Bopp, Jr., and the Republican Conservative Steering Committee filed at the Supreme Court did not influence the liberal lawyers on the court.

You can still read the Amicus Brief here.

The Republican Party has always sought to protect and promote traditional marriage. The wisdom and good sense explained in the Brief didn’t work for this “Supreme Court.” They ruled based on their extreme leftist political agenda.

What now? Wait for a new court to overturn the ruling? … Or push for a constitutional amendment?

A simpler plan is for Congress pass laws to Keep Family Law in the States where it belongs! They have this power if they would use it.

Ross Little, Jr., Republican National Committeeman for Louisiana, has written a “Resolution to Keep Family Law in the States.” The plan is for state parties to pass the resolution, educate people on this option, and elect Congressmen and women to implement it.

This is possible for two main reasons:

First, the Supreme Court –including the present court-has acknowledged that Family Law was not delegated to the Federal Government but is reserved to the states.

And, second, the Supreme Court –including the present court-has acknowledged that Federal Courts should not hear or judge Family Law matters.

Marriage is the basis for Family Law!

These two things– reserving family law legislation to States; and restricting the jurisdiction of family law cases to the State Courts– can be done by an act of Congress.

You can help in your state by passing this resolution at Republican Party meetings and elect Congressmen and women who agree to enact these laws and restore the sanctity of marriage!

A template of the resolution is here for you to use in your state.

You may contact Ross Little Jr. For full information on the resolution.
Thank you for staying in the “Fight for Marriage!”


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Carolyn L. McLarty, DVM
Chairman Republican Conservative Steering Committee
Republican National Committeewoman for Oklahoma